Pubg Mobile Hacks, Mods, WallHack and Cheats [2019]


A ton of people play pubg and if you are one of those people, there is a good chance that you might wonder if it is possible to cheat your way to the winning streak in order to win and come out on top in the mobile game ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’. Well, we have created this guide to tell you just that. If you want to know in short, yes, it is possible to use hacks in this game using modded versions of this game.

pubg mobile hack

There are different kinds of mods like aimbots and wallhacks. What aimbots do is that they assist the user in killing the opponents in front of them without even needing to aim. The user only needs the opponent to be in front of his field of view and the aiming and shooting will take place immediately without the user needing to make an effort. What the wallhacks do is help the user see through walls which are impossible to see through. It uses a special code in order to make the walls transparent so that the enemy can be seen even if they are not in the user’s field of view. There are other cheats like macros which help the user take certain actions using just a single tap.

These kind of hacks are available for both Android as well as IOS phones. However, the user should be aware that there are no hacks which work online in order to generate infinite Battle Points, unlimited UC, crates, items, God mode, etc. This is an online game where the data of the game is stored on the server-side part.

This server-side part is encrypted and cannot be tampered with. That is why you should not trust the online hacks which claim that they can generate anything unlimited for you because that is not possible. You should be especially wary of the ones which ask for your credentials using which they might steal your PUBG account so make sure that you are not entering any sensitive information in there. They also might email marketers or personal info sharers.

The Details (PUBG mobile hack)

pubg mobile hack


Wallhack modded (PUBG mobile hack apk)

What the PUBG mobile hack apk does is it helps the user to spot the enemies who are also behind the wall. This will help the player earn more money because it will not only highlight enemies but also items, supply drops, vehicles and a lot more. You will surely be able to survive above the average survival rate you have without this hack because in case you are not able to win.

The chances of you winning will be exponentially increased. The mobile version of the wallhack is one of the easiest to use because it is in the form of a modded application file. All you need to do is install the application and you will be good. The moment you find a match and start the gameplay, you will be able to effectively use the wall hack and check out the enemy’s location even if the enemy is located behind the walls.

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There are not a lot of skilled modders in the gaming industry especially for the mobile version of the game unfortunately so it will be difficult for the user to find a cheat which will work out. But if the user is able to stumble upon one of the wallhacks, this is one of the best ways you can win a game in PUBG and come out on top because you will know where all the looting is going to take place, where all the guns and grenades are so that you can get one of the best guns minutes within the time you spawn in-game. You can say that wallhacking is one of the forms of hacking which you might get addicted to just because it is so entertaining. This kind of hack is not that intrusive for the people who play the game and therefore it is hard to detect. This will exponentially reduce the chance for you getting banned. If you really want a working cheat, just google the term ‘PUBG mobile wallhack’ and there will be a plethora of options right in front of you.

Aimbot Modded

One of the best form of entertainment if you want to be a game hacker is being a God game. You can easily do this by using a cheat which will help you dominate other players. In the mobile game PUBG, this game is an FPS type so all you will need to do is use an aimbot hack in order to take over all the enemies in front of you. No matter which gun you have, this is one of the hacks using which you can rush fearlessly into the enemy territory and come out victorious. What this kind of mods will do is that they will aim the crosshair and shoot the enemy for you.You will only need the enemy to be in your field of vision.

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These kinds of mods are one of the rarest of mods to be seen because of incompetent so-called ‘hackers’ who are tryhards and develop cheats for games like Mario. Most of the cheats which you will stumble upon will have the amplified version of the aim assisting functionality. What the modders will do is they will increase the aim of assisting tech used in the game so that they do not need to create an aimbot script from scratch.

We urge you not to use aimbots for this game. The very first reason is, this is the kind of game where users need to have fun. If you use aimbots like those, this will spoil the experience of those users. But in case you are a spoiled brat like other kids, we will give you another reason to not do this. This is one of the most detectable hacks in the game and you do not want to do this because you might lose your account and will not be able to gain access back to it in any case if you get caught. Tencent games is a company which has a really strict policy towards banning hackers.

Mod Features

There is a chance that a good number of cheats which are claimed to be working online are not true and a hoax. There are things like speedhacks, teleporting, noclip, super jump, item spawning and a lot more. What a mod exactly means is a game modding client which helps the user install the modified version of the files of the game in the traditional way. This way, the user will not need to code the files himself and the developer who has modified the files will get a good amount of recognition for the work done.

If you are planning to download the hacks for your use, you should make sure that you download those things after you check the reviews and comments of that site. Make sure that you check for those things bot on and off the website so that there are no holes left. This is mainly because you need to be careful that you are not downloading a virus file. If you stumble upon a malicious file, it can fetch data from your device and also erase that data from your device. We hope that this does not happen to any of our readers. Please do not fill those human verifications, surveys, fake forms.

The working of PUBG mobile hack android

These hacks are implemented into the game using the modified menus. You will be able to turn the scripts ingame on and off using these menus. There are a bunch of options which the mod menu will activate in case it is used. Some of them are item scanning, crate location, wallhacks, ESP and noclip. There are a lot more hacks which can be activated.

Most of the players who want to hack prefer these kinds of menus because these are one of the most convenient ones. Make sure that you are extra careful when using this menu because if you are caught, there is no way you are coming back. Make sure that you are creating another account so that you can start hacking the game and testing what it takes to get banned and how to prevent getting banned in PUBG.

We recommend that you do not use those simple tools which also modify the hard code of your game in order to change the values because in case you are caught using them (which you will be), you will be immediately kicked out of the game and banned. This is because the hard code on the mobile is constantly verified with the servers of the PUBG in real-time. The moment you start the game is the moment your doom starts.


This is one of the best guides you can use in order to download the PUBG mobile hack. Make sure that you are using the methods described in here and not any simple frontend tools so that you can get out of the game without getting suspicious. We hope that you will be able to download the relevant hacks using our guide. We hope that you have a good day.

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