Best Music Streaming Apps & Services Available In 2020

Music is undoubtedly one of the biggest and best source of entertainment since the emerge of mankind. There’s music for breakup, motivation, happiness, and what not! There’s a lot to choose from as there are thousands of melodies produced every day.

In the past few years, the way of consuming music content has changed to a certain extent. Earlier, people used to carry heavy data of media on their device but now they prefer listening directly from cloud-based services which are listed in this article. By now, you would have guessed that we are talking about none other than the top music streaming apps in the world.

The music streaming apps listed in this article offer a fantastic user experience with huge numbers of song libraries. If you had set out to search for the top music streaming apps in Asia then you would have ended up being more confused, as there are lots of options to choose from in the market. To make things easier and better for you, we have compiled the list below. 

Best music streaming services 2019.

1) Apple Music

Music Streaming Apps 2019

This is for the Apple enthusiasts out there! Apple is said to be the company which changed the way people listen to music right through their creations, iTunes and iPod. To use the music streaming service, you must have your own and unique Apple ID, which will give you access to stream unlimited content on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

One aspect that caught our attention while we used Apple Music was its beautiful and tidy user interface which was hard to find in other similar apps. It also sports a night mode which is definitely an added advantage over others. On the Android platforms, we believe there are two apps which are pretty clean and straightforward; Apple Music and SoundCloud.

The app algorithm is pretty smart and advanced, as it suggests you songs based on your chosen interests like genre and artists. Anytime tune into a song, playlist or genre-specific radio like the Beat1. The people behind the app have included over 45 million songs in the song library which even includes local languages songs.

Other than the main songs feature, it includes the collection of stage shows and music videos also. Not to forget the small social network circle, known as the Connect which lets you get live updates directly from your favourite singers and musicians. In short, it may not be the most affordable and cheapest option out there, but when it rolls down to the features that you get for your subscription, it’s actually worth the shot.

2) SoundCloud

Music Streaming Apps



If you are looking for a platform where you can get to hear the creations of independent artists then SoundCloud is at your service. SoundCloud is a German-based music streaming service that is quite popular worldwide, which is confirmed by its monthly visits; 175 million users. Artists from various countries across the globe upload their content for free of cost which can be further accessed by the users.

It’s mainly known for songs, podcasts and audiobooks spread across various genres. The good fact about SoundCloud is that it’s free to use service, and yet there are no major annoying advertisements to disturb you, whether in the web version or mobile-based app. There are mainly two sections, named Charts and Discover, from where you can find various kinds of songs as per your interests.

One thing that separates SoundCloud from its competitors is that it lacks licensed music to stream and download. But if you are still a fan of original licensed music then you may find some great covers on the platform.

There’s a feature known as SoundCloud Go+ that actually allows people to stream and download licensed music but that option is not yet available in all the counties. If that feature is available in your area, and you feel it’s worth the shot, then go ahead and grab it!

3) Saavn

Music Streaming Apps

If you thought that Saavn is only for Indian audience then you were wrong! Saavn was developed in the US and it contains worldwide music, thus catering to the audience across the globe. The name, Saavn, was kept because the creators were of Indian origin. The app is among the few earliest music streaming services in India.

It’s an app that runs on the ad revenue model and thus it’s free to a large extent since the starting but lately it has introduced its premium subscription for those are willing to pay the money. It has enough music content that serves well with all kinds of audience. Saavn is available on various platforms, but in our case, we found the Windows 10 UWP app experience to be the finest among all.

The app contains the language filter, where it takes language preferences to show songs of particular language/languages only, which isn’t present in other music streaming apps India. It also gives you the freedom to integrate with Facebook, to know the interests and preferences of your friends. If you are an Indian at heart, who would love to promote Indian creations, then do use Saavn.

4) Google Play Music


Music Streaming Apps


Google is no left behind in the music streaming scene! It is trying its every step to make a mark among the most popular music streaming services. The best advantage that it has over other competitors is that Google Play Music comes pre-installed in most of the Android devices beforehand as they own only the Android platform

The existence of the app in an Android device right from the starting increases the chances of it being discovered now or then by the user.  The app comes in two options, free and premium. The free option gives access to limited content, whereas the paid option stretches across international content including albums, songs, etc.

Sometimes we think that Google takes certain things for granted and we arrive at the conclusion because even in Google Play Music, user experience seemed to be taken for granted. The opinion of others may differ from us, but this was our experience and thus it was important for us to convey it to the readers. Nevertheless, overall Play Music is a great music streaming service in which music and radio stations are equally balanced for the users to use the service to the fullest.

5) YouTube Music

Music Streaming Apps


If for some reason, you can’t leave YouTube then why not switch to YouTube Music service? YouTube Music Play is proper and dedicated music streaming service and app which is merged with Google and specifically designed to browse and stream official songs, playlists, albums, live performances, to name a few.  YouTube Music app was recently launched in a few countries, India is one of them.

The company is trying its best to rule the music streaming industry through apps like Google Play Music and YouTube Music Play. The app comes in two versions, the standard version and the premium version. The standard option offers unlimited access to content with ads, whereas the premium is an ad-free experience which even allows users to play music in the background, while they can perform other activities on their device simultaneously.

The best part about YouTube is that it is integrated with your Google account, therefore it would know your major preferences of artists, songs, etc, providing you with the strongest recommendations. For creators, YouTube hasn’t been much of a boon, as it used to pay quite less to creators as most of the users relied on free content. But in 2019, with the widespread of YouTube Music service, it’s assumed that people will be shifting to a premium option, due to the enormous number of benefits over the standard option.

YouTube Music is definitely not the greatest free music streaming app out there as it lacks many things, one of them being the unattractive UI. But if we keep a few minor things aside, it’s a great option to invest in, as YouTube is such a platform where you will find almost every media content, and this is exactly where other similar music streaming services may fail.

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Why Use These Music Streaming Services?

It’s not a surprise that people still use YouTube for listening to songs almost on a daily basis. The sole reason being the large availability of content for free of cost. We never suggest you leave YouTube but at least recommend you to once try out the different music streaming services, some of them which are even free of cost.

Video streaming platforms like Youtube can eat up a lot of your Internet data, and this is where free music streaming apps can come to the rescue. They can even work on low and slow data networks like 2G. Plus, they offer you the chance to create your own libraries, which is not found on YouTube.

Conclusion :

To choose the most effective and best music streaming service, a user should understand his needs and requirements. In the above list, some may find Apple Music to be a little costlier option for an individual, but it can turn out to be the most affordable option under family plan thus making it one of the best music streaming service for families.

If you seem to be a fan of indie music, then resort to SoundCloud. An Indian can always prefer Saavn, whereas if you want to stick to Google Products, then Google Play Music and YouTube Music would serve you well. In short, every music streaming app as some of the other feature that gives it an upper hand over the others. At the end of the day, you may also find the apps to be quite similar to each other which is nothing shocking, as the main base or core idea of each such app is a music streaming only.

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